3 Tips That Will Optimize Your Company’s Digital Presence Management

The importance of digital channels for any type of business today is undeniable. But if your company already has a digital presence you should know that being well positioned on the Internet to be able to generate effective results is not an easy task. Just like any marketing strategy we do, managing a company’s digital presence requires time, dedication, investment, and concise goals. Zoe Talent Solutions will give you a lot of ideas for selecting courses for Finance and Business Management.

One of the biggest pains that I perceive in entrepreneurs and managers – through conversations with clients and the market – when it comes to digital marketing, is to find solutions that allow them or the responsible team to automate more processes that involve the management of digital presence of their companies.

In these 10 years that I work with marketing and Internet, I am always in search of online tools and solutions that will optimize the management of the digital presence of my clients and of ways to have more results, with less time and investment possible. And I have good news: there are many tools that are able to assist you or your team. But before I tell you about 3 tools that I use the most, I’ll share 3 tips that will help you optimize your digital presence management:

1) Planning And Objectives

What are the digital channels where your business is present today? Which of them do you really have the commitment to update and defined goals of why you are doing it?

Many companies end up losing themselves in the various channels they create and as one of the scarce resources in companies, especially small businesses, it is time, precious well to manage everything you’ve planned.

So, you need to define exactly what are the most strategic channels for your business today and your goals with that. One of the biggest problems I’ve witnessed (and still is) that keeps businesses from finding their own way to results on the Internet is the lack of a clear goal. Do not spend a second of your time or a penny of your business without first establishing what your PURPOSE of being on the Internet is and what you want to achieve with this action:

  • Do you want to have a brand presence on the Internet?
  • Do you want to relate to your consumers?
  • Do you want to increase your authority over the Internet?
  • Do you want to get more customers for your business?
  • Do you want to rejuvenate your brand by being present on social networks for young audiences?

The goals are numerous and can be a combination of what you want for you and how the Internet can help you achieve these goals. Once the objectives are defined, it is time to draw a Goal for each of them.

Now you are ready to plan your digital presence and execute this planning towards achieving your goals!

Face your presence on digital channels as something really serious. This is part of your marketing mix and needs strategy, execution, and commitment to deliver results.

2) Organization Of The Contents Of Your Channels

At this point you already know what are the right channels for your business and the amount of content you will have in each of them. One simple tip that will optimize your time management is to organize the theme of these content monthly regardless of whether it’s you, your team or an agency who does the content for you.

After setting the agenda for every day of the next month and all channels, you will work on producing the content to have at least one week of content finalized and scheduled. So, you do not have to worry if “entered post today” on Facebook, you forgot the Instagram post or even did not send that email to your super important list.

Preferably, opt to have fifteen days of content ready and organized. Go for it, this saves a lot of time and optimizes the processes of those who are in the crowd. It also gives you more time to evaluate what you are posting and have new ideas for additional content.

3) Use Technology To Organize Your Files

Technology is there to help you! As I’ve commented, what I always seek is to find new online tools that will help entrepreneurs to have more results and leaner management of their business. By managing your digital presence, you can use a lot of available resources and applications to organize the files that involve all this management. This is very useful, especially when you have more than one person responsible for the process.

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