Audi Drops Manual Gearbox on A4, A5

automobileglobe.comdiFinally, Audi has decided to remove the manual transmissions on its most popular models by next year

Audi has finally decided to move over the automatics forever and after this immense modification, there would be no manual transmission available as standard or as an option on any of the Audi A4 or A5 models in the US market. Audi says the manual transmissions would be removed from the other models as well but they have not decided the time yet. The UK market would also see the Audi A4 and Audi A5 model without manual transmissions very soon. Audi A4 and the A5 models are the good examples of the model where the experiment of removing the manual transmissions would give solid results. These models are fundamentally decent upmarket family cars and they are known as the something really exceptional mean of transportation by the Audi.

When it comes to the powertrains, Audi has introduced some of the world’s best powertrains on these models and indeed, Audi A4 and the A5 are the milking cows of the automaker in almost all the markets including the UK and the USA. Every transmission offered on the Audi A4 and A5 was an exceptional piece of engineering. However, the six speed transmission was a real clincher when it was tested by the automotive testing engineers and experts. On the A5, on the other hand, the manual transmissions were also considered as the pros of the model along with the Audi engines. But in the modern mobility, manual transmissions are dying slowly and gradually. There is no space for the manual transmissions in the modern means of mobility where hybrid transmissions are getting in.

There is the need of automatic transmissions and dual clutch gearboxes only and Audi has come forward to say goodbye to the manuals. The automaker has decided to drop off its last stick shift transmissions from its new models and the US market will get benefits first. This is not because of any campaigns against the third pedal in the cabin if you guessed so. Audi says there is no customer demand for the manual transmissions in the USA. Thus there is no point to offer manual transmissions in the USA, Audi would do the same to the other markets as well if there would be no demand of manual transmissions in those markets, and it is actually a true sense of the business.

The game is OVER!!!

The manual transmissions would become the part of the history in few years when the automakers would drop them one by one on their vehicles. With the launch of the 2019 Audi A4 and Audi A5, the manual transmissions on these models would be no longer available. This clearly evident that there would be no manual Audi available in the US markets. At least on the dealerships, there would be no new Audi with a manual transmission but in the used car markets, these models would definitely complete their life.

How could this happen so fast and sudden?

This is not anything unusual because the automotive industry is subjected to the massive changes. It has also become the reality that as much as an expert speak about the manual transmissions, the enthusiasts do not bother and do not want to buy one in the USA. This was one of the hardest decision for the Audi and Porsche also understands certain audiences that they won’t buy the manual transmissions because the new automatic transmissions do the job really better.

Audi is not the one automaker in the USA who thinks that the manual transmissions have been rejected by the public in the USA. Other brands including Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Bentley have also decided to drop the manual transmissions. Lamborghini has introduced the Huracan with the automatic option only. Bentley and Bugatti have also removed the manual transmissions. Volkswagen is still offering the Golf and Jetta models with manual transmissions and they have no plans to drop these options.

There are other automakers including Mercedes and BMW also continue offering the stick-shift transmissions in the US markets. These rivals of the Audi stand as the exceptions then the rule of dropping the manual transmissions and they are not willing to drop their gears.

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