How an Idle Air Control Valve Can Be Tested

automobileglobe.comA small, but vital part of your car’s engine is the idle air control valve. This small valve is fitted onto the throttle body and controls the quantity of air flowing into the engine. If this valve gets dirty, or not working as it should, then your car will not idle properly. Testing the idle air control valve is easily perfomed with a few basic tools.

Step 1 – Take Out Idle Air Control Valve

The idle air control valve is found on the top rear of the engine. Remove the two screws holding it in position and disconnect from the wiring harness.

Step 2 – Visually Inspect Valve

One of the easiest ways to inspect your idle air control valve is to simply look at it. Check to see if the valve stems have dirt on them or if they are burnt. Check the valve opening on the throttle body to make sure that there is solid contact between the valve and the stem.

Step 3 -Make Use Of a Voltmeter

Attempt to turn the valve over until you see the valve openings. Set your voltmeter to ohms and then touch each of the leads to one of the valves in the opening. You should observe a reading of 0.00, but can get as high as 0.05. If it is more than this, the valve is faulty and will require replacement.

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