How to Safely Use a Remote Car Starter

For most car owners, a remote car starter is considered as one of the most creative innovations that the vehicle industry has crafted during the past few years. This is because they take your car-experience to the next level with improvements such as cooling and heating your auto even before you’ve entered. However, the downside of a remote car starter is propelled to life if the user doesn’t know his/her way around its operation. In light of this, the article below has shed some light on some of the foolproof ways that anyone can use to ensure that they are safe when handling a remote car starter.

Safe Ways of Using a Remote Car Starter

1) Only Use the Starter When You`re Within the Recommended Range

The first step when learning how to use a remote car starter is restricting its use only when your auto is within the required signal range. As long as you have met this criterion, you should feel free to push the “start” button whenever in need of starting the vehicle.

2) Don’t Use The Starter When In Enclosed Parking Lots

If your auto is parked in a garage or any other kind of enclosed space, it is prudent to avoid using the remote car starter. Also, always be keen to see to it that there is enough ventilation in your vehicle so as to prevent any possible carbon monoxide intoxication.

3) Always Keep Your Keys Within Arm’s Length If Passive Locking Is On

With this feature turned on, your vehicle is likely to lock itself after some time, mostly when you kill the engine. This can prove to be a huge setback especially if you forget your keys in your vehicle and you don’t have your spares around. If you aren’t in a position to always keep your best remote car starter within your grasp, then it’s advisable to use the active locking feature instead of the passive one.

4) Always Know Where Your Valet Button Is Located

A significant percentage of remote car starter installation also entails the setting up of a valet button. This is a button that can be used to help car-owners out in case they have misplaced the remote as it turns off anti-theft features while preserving the functionality of remote start among other features. This, in turn, gives a leeway for car owners to gain access to their vehicles without compromising their autos` security.


As we have seen from this article, a remote car starter has a vast array of uses. From unlocking doors to killing your car alarm, it can go a long way in making the life of any auto owner much easier. However, in order to avoid any potential hazards that may arise from this magnificent tool, it is prudent for you to follow the above tips on how to use a remote car starter.

Do you have any other tips that have worked out for you and can be used in remote car starter reviews? Share with us!

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