How to Sell a used Car Quickly in 8 Simple Steps

To sell your car quickly, you’ll have to collect altogether the essential documents, promote your vehicle, set an asking price range and afterward communicate and negotiate price with potential car buyers.

If you will advertise your car at right online portal or in the right place, then you will successfully be able to grab the attention of serious buyers and will earn quick cash from your with a hassle-free process.

With the correct mix of preparation and a little research about car advertisement, your car won’t take more days to sell. Check out below “How to Sell a used Car Quickly in 8 Simple Steps” and remove the stress and maximize your savings by selling your old car.

1. Gather required paperwork

Take a couple of minutes to discover the followings things and complete these undertakings, before you enlist your car available for sale:

You’ll require your car’s claim, which gives you the legal authority to sell your car.


Discover your vehicle’s title. This is additionally called a pink slip; it will give you the legal authority to sell the vehicle. But, try not to immediately sign that slip.

Keep a check with your granter: If your car’s loan is still pending, then keep a check with your lender to analyze how to arrange the car’s sale.

Online Check Your DMV: Visit online your state’s department of motor vehicles to check out the paperwork that you will need to transfer car’s ownership. Also, verify if the license plates with registration details go with the car when it’s taken sold away.

2. Set a perfect asking value for your car

First of all, you need to know about your car’s worth and after that set an asking value. Check your car’s value with comparable cars listings online or with nearby advertisements. Set your cost marginally over the current market price yet at the same time in the ballpark of a decent deal. So, if the evaluating guide says your vehicle is worth $5,600, you may set the cost at $6,200.

If your vehicle valued under about $20,000, make sure you not to go over the nearest $2,000. So, set a limit of car’s value that doesn’t go beyond its actual price. If you’ll do so, potential buyers will never observe your advertisement and it will delay your process of selling the car.

3. Pay great attention to enhance your car’s appeal

When a potential car buyer comes to see your car, you want them to take just one and fix the deal by saying “It looks incredible.”

You don’t need to fix each and every gouge and scratch, yet wash and vacuum the vehicle and evacuate all the garbage that is collected throughout the years. Giving it a professional look is useful for up to date, luxury cars. Yet, the higher the value, the more it will take to sell the vehicle, and the glimmer of the car detailing will wear off following a few months. So, try to give specific attention to all the details that prospective buyer will verify and ideally imagine it as her own special car.

4. Design creative ads that speed up your car’s selling process

Creative design, catchy taglines to brief your car’s quality will definitely frame curious picture in the prospective buyer’s mind.

Park your car in a good location right after the day dawn or sunset to get the best lighting. Try various angles around the car, capture perfect clicks with the great visuals. From inside, take pictures of the car’s driver seat, the trunk and the back seat. Professional car sellers additionally incorporate pictures of the odometer to display the current mileage, the engine and the cars’ tires to show tread depth.

5. Check the caller ID’s carefully

To sell your car, try to create a unique email account and Google voice mail, just to use for this car sale process. This will easily help you verify screen buyers and you’ll not be bothered by consistent calls after the car is sold.

When you find an offer sounds great and legitimate, connect with that prospective buyer and ask them to review the vehicle’s basic info.

If you are set for quick sale and get a number of phone calls, let the calls go to Google voicemail and analyse them before you select who to connect back. Be aware of clever buyers, they will probably try to buy the car at cheap price and then resell them at great profits. Usually, such buyers try to negotiate by saying incorrect analysis of your car to get the car at a low price and some try to negotiate even before seeing the car.

6. Plan a test drive for the prospective buyer

Set up a safe place to meet such potentials buyers at a local cafeteria or a mall. Try to take accompany of your friend, if possible.

After buyer analyse your car, allow them test drive your car, but don’t let them drive your car alone, you should also go with them. While test driving, let them thoroughly experience the way your car drives instead of forcing them to take it right away.

7. Try to Negotiate for Best Price

After the test drive, if that potential buyer passes the approval for cars’ purchase, first let them make a legit offer.

Set up your mind with the perfect asking price, before their offer. After then response only if you find it appropriate. You don’t need to sell your car in a hurry. Try to meet at least 4-5 potential buyers and then compare the offer price to get the maximum profits.

8. Close the final deal

Now, if you have found the potential buyer and get the appropriate offer, just close the deal as soon as possible, because a delay in the final deal can also mislead the buyers to other options. But, make sure the buyer is ready to pay either via cheque or in cash. And, if your cars’ loan is still pending, you should clear all the debts right away.

Hope you like this guide to sell a used Car Quickly in 8 Simple Steps. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Author Bio: Lisa Mitchell has been taking things apart ever since she learned about better ways to sell cash for cars in San Diego! She started her writing career at Driveo in 2012 as Content Manager.


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